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Why Office 365 is taking off

10th Oct 2017

Microsoft applications like Word and the other Office products have become a de-facto standard in many businesses, leaving the Google Apps used by certain market sectors only and frequently by start-ups. Microsoft’s popularity is not unfounded, firstly due to the large on-premise install base, but also because Microsoft has a suite of cloud products that offers a complete solution, not only for desktop applications, but also for the server environment.

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The 7 benefits of Hardware as a Service

10th Oct 2017

Hardware as a service (as opposed to SaaS Software as a Service) is not a new concept, but in the world of business computing it is a relatively new term. Simply put, HaaS stops you from buying “things” that get old and end up unused in the bottom of the drawer (or in some store room) after a relatively short period of time.

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I should not have clicked on that

09th Sep 2017

I’m naturally cautious when it comes to emails that are even only somewhat suspicious. We’ve become wise to emails that promise unexpected winnings, an inheritance from a long-lost relative with the same surname, an email supposedly from our bank or Internet provider or the IRD, TradeMe or Ebay, Microsoft support or similar sources.

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