Hardware as a service (as opposed to SaaS Software as a Service) is not a new concept, but in the world of business computing it is a relatively new term. Simply put, HaaS stops you from buying “things” that get old and end up unused in the bottom of the drawer (or in some store room) after a relatively short period of time.

With Hardware as a Service, the supply of computer hardware required by a business is included in the suite of services that are supplied by your IT provider and included in the monthly cost. But that is not all. HaaS is more than just a leasing service. Under the HaaS model, the IT Managed Services Provider is responsible for the suitability, functioning and maintenance of that hardware.

There are major benefits to this:

1. Turn it up or down
As your business staffing changes, so can the devices that your staff requires, without the punishment of expensive hardware purchases.

2. Remain Current
Let’s face it, hardware changes quickly. To see how quickly, have a look at Moore’s Law. HaaS allows you to remain current with the latest hardware, bucking the trend of hanging onto hardware to avoid capital costs.

3. No more gaps in productivity
Outdated hardware is not only prone to failure but can also be difficult to configure with new software. The failures and the attempts to get things working can lead to long periods of downtime. Because hardware is within warranty a replacement can be sourced without any delays or additional costs.

4. Security
IT security requires updates both hardware and software. With older hardware these updates are usually neglected which leads to security risk and ultimately risk to your business.

5. Monitoring
The status of the equipment is monitored around the clock to prevent any unforeseen downtime. Often early signals can pre-empt any issues with the IT supplier addressing them early.

6. No capital costs
From an accounting perspective, HaaS allows hardware costs to be written as an expense rather than a capital cost.

7. No more eye-watering upgrade costs every 3 or 4 years
HaaS also sees the end of the costs associated with the upgrades that are required periodically. Server upgrades are usually a grudge purchase because they are required from time to time.

HaaS can be implemented at any stage of your IT life-cycle and you do not have to wait for your existing equipment to become obsolete. So, whether you are about to purchase new IT equipment or not, why not call us to discuss how your IT systems can be changed to an “As a Service” model.

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