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Backup / Disaster & Recovery

Business data is your most valuable asset. Losing it to a malware attack, such as ransomware, or through poor maintenance procedures can be a critical blow. Our continuity services ensure you are fully protected, backed-up and up-to-date with the latest upgrades and patches.

Remote monitoring

Tier4 provides sophisticated remote monitoring that ensures all your network applications and hardware are operating correctly. Including all patching and server upgrades, our proactive monitoring allows us to resolve vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Continuous Back-up

Our continuous data protection in real-time ensures your daily workplace activity is protected. We ensure all your computer data is automatically saved, as many times a day as necessary for full peace of mind.

Offsite Back-up

Off-site back-up is an essential component of a Tier4’s comprehensive data protection. It ensures an up-to-date copy of data is available for roll-back if a virus infects your on-premise network and for disaster recovery situations.

Cyber security should be top of mind for any business owner.

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