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Technology Supply

We will provision you with the right technology – hardware and software – to move your business to the next tier. And, we will support it with a managed monthly service that maximises uptime and business user productivity.

User technology

Desktops, notebooks, tablets, we provide all your key user hardware and server equipment. Purchase up front or lease over time – whatever suits your operational or capital expenditure needs.

Server infrastructure

Don’t put up with hardware failures. Switches, firewalls, routers, we supply high quality components for rock solid computer connectivity and network reliability. Hardware failures are the number one reason for network downtime. We don’t let you go there.

Diagnostics and Repair

Part of our support promise is that we fix or replace things that go wrong, including all critical hardware. Our workshop elves will get you up and running with minimal delay.

Warranty Management

We remove the hassle of managing the performance guarantees and longevity of your hardware. Just leave it to us. We also handle all software licencing and renewals on your behalf, including it in our monthly fee or billing it as a one-off transaction.

Need a hardware refresh?

Talk to us about what notebooks, tablets and desktops are appropriate for your workforce.

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